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Gloves are used in various environments, from sports gloves to work gloves for protection or to keep your hands warm on those cold winter days and nights. 

Whatever your reason for needing gloves, their primary function is to protect your hands and wrists from injury, and the environment and to help improve grip during an activity.

Here at Solely Gloves, our job is to help you find the right gloves for your needs whatever that may be.

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Women wearing medical gloves and a baseball glove, winter gloves and beekeeping glove in the background

How We Can Help You

Hobby Gloves Homepage

Hobby Gloves

Choosing the right gloves for a new or existing hobby can be tricky. Lets us help answer your questions.
Sports Gloves Homepage

Sports Gloves

There are so many sports out there that require gloves for protection or handling, but which are right for you.
Winter Gloves Homepage

Winter Gloves

When it comes to winter gloves the questions are endless let us try to help by answering some for you.
Work Gloves Homepage

Work Gloves

Many working environments require gloves for protection. Let us help find the right work gloves for your needs.

Who we are

David Sandell - Founder

David Sandell – Founder

Hi, my name is David Sandell and I head up Solely Gloves. I started Solelygloves.com as a project to help people to find the right gloves for their needs.
My background in a range of outdoor sports many of which require gloves along with my tradie experience where I wear safety gloves on a daily basis has helped me to lay the foundation for Solely Gloves.

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