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Many of us use gloves in our everyday lives, and not just during those cold winter months. If you work with your hands you likely wear some form of protective gloves, many sports require protective equipment including gloves and many hobbies too.

Recently we embarked on a huge move across the country and during that move, I discovered we have gloves for an enormous range of activities that our family takes part in. And not just one pair of gloves for that particular activity, but multiple pairs of gloves that do the same thing.

A good example of this is my wife Kate, she has numerous gloves for winter. She has a pair she wears for driving, a pair for operating her cell phone (she’s in real estate and lives on her phone during the working week), a pair to clear snow from the car as they have waterproof properties, a pair for those really cold days when we are watching the kids latest sports practice or match. I could go on, but you get the idea.

Kate Sandell

Each of these gloves as well as essentially keeping your hands warm have another function. The driving gloves offer better grip and more control, the cell phone gloves allow her to operate her phone and manage her business, the snow clearing gloves are waterproof to keep her hands dry during that process, and the super thick gloves although they have no secondary function they remove any dexterity in her fingers and therefore would not allow her to perform those other tasks.

I’m no better, I enjoy boxing as a hobby, yet I have boxing gloves for heavy bags, I have gloves for speed work and gloves for sparing and yet they are all just boxing gloves.

So why do we have so many gloves? Do we need so many gloves? Over the last few months I’ve spoken to many people about why we have so many gloves and if others are the same, I realized loads of us do the same thing. Often we order gloves for a specific purpose but without considering what our requirements are. Often there is very little information out there to allow us to make an informed decision and most of the information you can find on the internet is not exactly fact-based and that was an issue for me.

With this in mind, I decided I wanted to put together the content I could never find online when I was attempting to resolve my gloves issues.

I hope to succeed in this mission.

David Sandell - Founder

David Sandell
Founder of Solely Gloves